Serving the NHS for over 25 Years

Over the past 25 years we have been asked by over twenty NHS Trusts to help implement and support their mobile intiatives, from Mobile Point of Care (MPOC) to supporting remote/mobile care workers.

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Improved Connectivity Delivering Cost Savings without Compromise!

We have created a solution that delivers the exact level of service and coverage needed by the NHS.

Our combined offering addresses the problems much of the UK has experienced with the explosion of mobile working.

Working with Patients in the Community

There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to share important information with patients or being able to look up data or records when sitting in front of patients.

Giving personnel the right tools to complete their work is an essential part of providing a great working environment.

Whilst their are significant savings to be had through our exclusive platform, it also means that care personnel can operate more efficiently and miantain the important 'work-life-balance'.

Our solutions provide remote working care personnel with the best possible mobile connectivity options available in the UK.

Easing the Workload for Tech Support

Not everyone is a Technology Geek, so provide care personnel with simple , yet effective tools to help overcome technical problems was an important part of our research when developing our platform.

The STATUS App has a built-in Help facility, FAQs and a reporting facility to assist your Tech Support.

Improving Patient Safety with IT

University Hospital Birmingham - ePrescribing in ICU

University Hospital Birmingham has transformed the safety of drug prescribing with an innovative Prescribing, Information and Communication system (PICS), delivered on Tracline's Motion C5 MCA Tablets.

With over 800 Motion MCAs, Clinicians can now administer drugs at the patient's bedside, which has improved accuracy and helped to significantly reduce the number of medication errors by guiding staff at the point of care. The system also supports clinical decision-making to prevent undesirable actions, and benefits include legibility and a reduction in the duplication of drug charts.

In its review, the Trust found that 400-450 potential errors were prevented every day by delivering this advanced decision support at the point of patient care. They have improved the financial efficiency of the service in many ways. notably the Trust also saved 10% of the overall drug budget within ICU.


Connectivity & Community Nursing

Explore how we have helped improve working practices for care in the community and created a fit-for-purpose infrastructure fo the NHS.

Mobile Assessment Plan

Learn how Tracline can assess your Trust and provide you with the necessary reports to help make the right decision.

Mobile Network Project Management

Take a look at how easy it can be to implement a new support and management structure for your mobile estate.

Reports & White Papers

Mobile Pulse Whitepaper

How much are your wireless connectivity issues costing you?

Review the findings supported by Gartners TCO framework to help you guage what impact refreshing your mobile estate.

Mapping the Market

Mobile Service in UK

Network providers fail 31% of the time!

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