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The Case for a Mobile Management System (MMS)

Mobile devices have become ubiqutious, so how can business manage this change

The Case for a Mobile Management System (MMS)

Mobile Working Procurement & Management has changed very little from the 1980’s

Although the technology used in Mobile Working has dramatically improved in the past three decades, the benefits in productivity, reliability, savings and efficiencies have not kept up with this pace. The problem is not with the Technology employed, rather everything to do with how it is procured and subsequently controlled & managed. Organisations still predominately procure airtime, hardware devices and software independent of each other, hope they work well in a system and if they wish to judge the effectiveness or performance of that system, they are left to individually scrutinise disparate airtime bills or software read-outs with differing metrics to ascertain if the system is delivering the necessary performance. This approach is antiquated, inefficient, costly and severely holding back Mobile Working technology from delivering on its promise.

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