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To see what can be achieved with STATUS, try it for free. The process is simple and we've thought of everything to minimise down-time and make this a great experience for your team.

Step 1

We organise the first meeting and present our case with a demonstration of the platform and reports. Once you're happy, we get things moving.

Step 2

We arrange to send emails with a link to download the software to the relevant people involved in the Evaluation Trial.

Step 3

After completing the trial, we will create a series of reports using Power BI to help you and your teams make a final decision.

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Connected people are the critical component for Digital Transformation success

Digital Transformation is about your organisation delivering an exceptional experience for all users, i.e. customers, service users and staff alike.

With the unprecedented usage of mobile devices in every walk of life, it is essential that connectivity and performance play a vital part in all your business process and digital transformaiton plans.

The STATUS Mobile Data Suite for Enterprise provides a comprehensive structure and solution designed for mobile data exploitation to ensure productivity, engagement and the "user experience" you have planned for.

STATUS is designed to complement your existing investment in technology and identify areas that have, until now, been invisible to business development and support teams.

Whilst efficiency and engagement are key operational objectives, there is the added advantage of achieving significant cost savings from across your mobile estate.

Here's what we will do for you...

Building on your existing Mobile Data insfrastructure, between us we will select a number of technology users who will assist in running the test.  The aim is to provide essential management data to improve engagement and user experience in line with your Business & Digital Transformation directives.  As a result of these trials, you will be able to identify and realise significant savings in terms of operational impact, i.e. time saved for users and support teams and also in terms of improved business process functionality by ensuring accurate and consistent data connections. 

Setting up a Baseline

You may already be aware; establishing a baseline is an essential part of implementing any Business or Digital Transformation process, simply because of the importance of guaging progress and success.  Once we know certain statistics such as, what notional value does it cost each time your staff are unable to work?  We will then produce reports that assist in understanding the financial impact your mobile data network is having on your business.

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