Mobile Working into 2020

An Introduction by Tracline's CEO

We addressed the most significant problem affecting all users of mobile devices and in conjunction with Innovate (UK), the government, created a business tool that provides data management and support where it's needed the most - with your staff.

Combined with Vision Analytics, we ensure optimum mobile and data coverage throughout the UK and help achieve significant financial savings.


We have prepared a sequence of short videos, only a few minutes long, that present the NHS Mobile Working Solution for your NHS Trust.  If you have any queries, would like to arrange a free trial or would like to talk about the implementation process, we look forward to hearing from you.

Overview for NHS Trust Leaders

An essential first-step in gaining an understanding about the serious impact poor mobile working is having on everyone connected to the NHS and how implementing this government funded working tool continues to change the working lives of clinicians and patients alike.

Clinicians & Service Delivery

Virtual Mobile Working Assistant

An Online Personal IT Assistant, without the need to contact an IT department which includes fixing connectivity issues, patient communications updates, blending live traffic data to minimise delays, reducing admin and automatically calculating milage costs.

Mobile Clinician Overview

After reports from The Royal College of Nursing and The Queens Nursing Institute calling for change in the mobile working practices for clinicians, the Virtual Mobile Working Assistant addresses their concerns in a government funded product, which is now available.

Service Delivery Manager

Our solution offers Service Deliver Managers an unparalleled insight into the activity, distribution and allocation of necessary resources needed to efficiently manage and deploy your mobile workforce.

The Mobile Management System

A technological hub that offers real-time system-wide visibility of the entire mobile infrastructure of your Trust enabling working efficiencies, productivity gains and cost savings.

NHS Long Term Plan 2020

The Business Case

Mobile failures cost NHS Trusts millions of pounds in lost efficiencies.  Adoption of the Tracline Mobile Management System will help your Trust avoid false economies, reduce wasted manpower and provide significant cost savings. 

NHS Compliance

Probably the most supportive and important series of references and quotations from recent reports that support a change in mobile working practices for your NHS Trust.

Delivery & Implementation

Delivery and implementation is available from Tracline as a service.

First we assertain how existing technologies and provide your Trust with a Baseline Report of current activities.  This is followed by producing a business case for the Trust and an implementation plan which includes training for all relevant members of staff.

Information Technology - IT

Technology Overview

From the adoption of Microsoft Azure technology to providing an upgrade path to 5G, the Mobile Management solution keep your data safe in line with current GDPR regulations and safeguards your investment in time by enabling the platform to adapt and evolve along with your requirements.

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Increase Profitability

Download our study that explains how the Tracline Mobile 3-in-1 SIM can increase staff efficiency and your profitability!

CXO & Senior Managers

Mobile Data Project Management

White Paper: Mobile Project Management 'Best Practice' when rolling out a new mobile data strategy for voice & data SIMs

Executive Assistants

Request for Proposal (RFP)

If you're about to prepare an RFP, save yourself a headache and download our checklist and Q & A - in a Word.docx format!
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