Data SIM Support

How do I activate a SIM card

To activate a SIM card that you have purchased from Tracline, please contact your account manager with the SIM ICCID number or email our technical support team.

My data SIM cannot connect to the Internet after sleep/hibernation

This is caused by incorrect DHCP Settings. To manually change the DHCP Settings follow instructions below:

  1. Open Command Prompt and run as administrator.
  2. type the command: netsh interface ip set address "Mobile Broadband Connection" dhcp

Please note that the name of the interface may vary from device to device.

If you have any additional problems or questions, please contact our Technical Support team today for expert advice.

I cannot connect my SIM card at all - Error Code 1

Contact Activation "Error Code 1" is due to incorrect Access Point Name (APN) details. Please ensure you have the correct APN, Username and Password details entered within the properties tab > profile.

If you have any additional problems or questions, please contact our Technical Support team today for expert advice.

I have lost my SIM card, How do I order a replacement?

If you have lost or had your SIM card stolen please contact a Tracline representative to arrange for a replacement Data SIM Card.

Multi-Network SIM Card

If you have any problems with the New Tracline Multi-Network SIM card then please contact one of the Tracline Technical Support Team on 01895 822742 who can assist with any issues.

Status Software Support

Turning on laptop w/Status I get an activation error

There could be a number of reasons as to why you are getting an activation error appear:

  1. The license on the STATUS program has expired - Please contact your system administrator or a Tracline Technical Support Team Member.
  2. The STATUS application has not established an internet connection to receive the new license key from the server. Please connect to the internet for 2 minutes and then reboot the application.

How do I update my Status version?

If there is a new version released by Tracline, a representative will be in contact with the system administrator regarding the upgrade.
  1. To check for updates right click on the icon in the system tray > check for updates.
  2. Whilst connected to the internet if there is an update that has been approved by your system administrator, the download will begin automatically after 2 minutes.

How do I check which version of Status I have installed?

You can easily check which version of STATUS you have installed by right clicking on the STATUS icon in the system tray > About.

How do I send resports back to Network Administrators?

If you are having problems with your internet connection after running hte diagnose tool within STATUS, you are able to send a detailed report back to network administrators. To do this follow instructions below:

  1. Right click on the STATUS icon in the system tray > diagnostic tools.
  2. Then choose the Information tab on the STATUS window. In this window you will see a button labelled send report.
  3. Click Send Report, then add a description of the fault and time that you reported the error.
  4. To finalise the sending of the report click OK.
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