Deploy & Install Yourself - DIY

If you have the time and human resources, then it makes sense to depoly and install your new mobile network structure yourself.

We will help you by providing all the necessary forms, documentation and best practice guides to ensure a smooth transition from your old provider to our nationally 'fit-for-purpose' platform.

Online vs Offline

A simple choice with significant long term upsides or downsides!

Today many organisations rely on mobile working to support their businesses. To achieve the long-term advantages available depends on a simple choice:

  • Do you want your staff to have up-to-date access with real time information
  • Or Is it ok for your staff to connect into the companies systems at the end of a working day?

Very often this comes down to a £10 per month decision. That’s the budget cost of monthly Data SIM.

The implications

Offline working: Very often this decision is made by an IT person where cost is the driving factor.

Staff travel to a nominated location to access the day’s work. This can easily cost £10 a day in travel costs. The loading time is very often an hour including a tea/coffee before work can start. Then we are of for our first visit. With Offline working, it is often much more expensive, not current, and not flexible.

Online working: Leave home – visit first client no time wastage. The objective with mobile working is to achieve more productivity. With Online working, all of the business advantages are achieved, provided a reliable consistent Data SIM is provided.

You can control & direct the implementation

We provide a document that outlines and explains the areas you need to concentrate on. Our approach is systematic and helps ensure you can follow each stage easily as you prepare to adjust your mobile network providers.

If required, training is provided primarily on the functionality of Microsoft's Power BI. The Business Intelligence Software reports on Tracline's "STATUS" functionality regarding devices and connectivity to networks.

It is possible to overlay other data within Power BI in order to compare statistics or other relevant personnel records, making our mobile solution the most powerful and versatile choice available.

A Unique Mobile Data Solution

Alongside the UK Government, Tracline (UK) Ltd has developed a unique approach that ensures a reliable consistent mobile service when choosing data sims, and embarking on digital transformation projects.

Make progress in your organisation by analysing the mobile framework that holds it together.
Making IT work for over 25 years.

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